5 types of landing pages to help boost your business

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Leveraging landing pages to Boost Your Business

在营销人员的“军火库”中,登录页面是一个很有价值但经常未得到充分利用的工具. 通过打造专门的登陆页面,将相关网站流量引导到其独特的内容和整体体验, brands can maximize relevancy, boost consumer engagement and, 最终, build a deep, long-lasting affinity among core audience segments.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But before you dive in head first, 了解不同类型的登录页面及其核心能力和竞争力是很重要的. 鉴于相对较新的数字扩展和平台的激增——想想移动设备, 社会, ecommerce and more — focus your efforts on goal-specific landing pages, versus trying to force a one-size-fits-all process and format. 通过使用更多的目标执行,你将能够给你的品牌最好的可能的支持, and ensure a smooth, 从潜在客户到访客到买家再到长期忠实客户的无缝过渡. Here’s what’s out there and how to use it to your advantage…

Product detail landing pages

Product detail landing pages are also popular PPC tactics, 使品牌能够将潜在消费者与目标内容和促销联系起来. 如果你的品牌销售的产品或服务彼此非常相似,这些可能会特别有价值. 因为谷歌和其他搜索引擎将原创内容纳入质量评分, having dozens of monogrammed bath sets, leather riding boots or microbrews, 例如, 可能会让你的许多产品得不到他们应得的搜索引擎的喜爱. 创建单独的产品详细登陆页,让你差异化的活动和关键产品或服务,而推广特别, 有限的时间和其他具体的提供给目标受众,响应你的PPC广告-和, 作为一个结果, is likely already positively inclined.

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Got pay-per-click ads running?

If you’re running PPC campaigns, 将这些潜在用户直接发送到主导用户登录页面,将许多用户从被动的旁观者转变为积极的用户, activated user. 主登录页是简单的数字目的地,驱动访问者完成一个表格和, with that data capture, 现在就把潜在客户推向你的品牌体验,或者——因为你有他们的信息——在未来.

Another perk of lead gen landing pages? 利用它们进行PPC活动是分割用户并保持一致性的好方法, cohesive experience from search to destination and beyond. Each PPC call out can drive directly to a unique landing page, enabling your brand to target language, 提供和呼吁行动(cta)基于创意或内容驱动他们到你的品牌. That makes future segmenting, targeting and follow up communication very easy, 即使是那些没有分配大量资源进行优化和个性化的公司.

A landing page that’s…designed for product launches

当涉及到新产品发布时,点击登录页面是最强大的. 这些简单易懂的页面使用简单的设计和内容,配合强大而清晰的CTA,推动访问者进一步进入销售渠道.

Typically click-through landing pages have no form but, 而不是, tout information, specs and other details about the launch product or service. 当潜在的消费者深入到页面,他们,理想地,变得越来越多的参与…然后- BOOM! — they reach the CTA to learn more or, even, to add to cart. Have a product that’s not on shelves yet? 让你的CTA注册,以获得额外的信息和发布公告——就这么简单. Alternatively, 当你的产品即将发布时,你可以考虑利用一个主导用户登录页面,并在接下来的几周或几个月里挑选一些联系人.

Another powerful destination? Viral landing pages. 这些“分享取胜”式的平台鼓励和吸引访问者有机地传播你的登陆页面, 反过来, reward them for the boost. These integrated landing pages typically include short, 吸引人的内容和主导形式,推动分享和社交. 只需快速点击一两下,访问者就可以在自己的社交媒体页面和平台上发布内容, potentially, email or text links to friends, relatives and other contacts.

The value of a viral landing page for a new launch can be massive. By leaning on your target audience to drive positive, 有机口口相传你激活和动员了无数的真正的品牌拥护者, in most cases, have hundreds or even thousands in their own extended network.


对于品牌来说,微网站的登陆页面已经迅速成为他们瞄准特定内容的首选金沙体育app最新版下载, messaging and promotions to key audience segments. 这些交互式数字目的地使品牌能够将目标客户与特定信息联系起来, by bringing relevant content to the forefront. 通过放大对这些部分最重要的东西——思考主题文章, potentially relevant products and services, 和其他内容驱动的体验-你正在为一个更积极的, 鼓励长期亲和力和持续参与的相关经验. Unlike traditional landing pages, microsites may have multiple pages, depending on the nature of the content you’re conveying. 授予, they aren’t “mini” versions of your site but, 而不是, 策划旅行,以吸引特定的受众群体的需求和需求.

微网站的独特之处在于,他们较少依赖强大的cta和驱动购买和, 而不是, focus more on the brand experience. Because of this, many companies use landing pages to test drive new content strategy, A/B测试推广和试点一般用户流流程,而不冒核心网站流量的风险.

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Another must-have: mobile strategy landing pages

This one can’t be categorized by its unique benefits because, 真的, it has infinite applications and upsides: it’s the mobile landing page. Even if your site is fully responsive, mobile landing pages are essential, especially if your brand targets a younger, always-on customer.

那么,强大的登陆页面和吸引人的手机登陆页面之间有什么区别呢? 很多——而且大多数都源于用户从移动设备访问它的事实. Headlines on mobile landing pages should be short with clear, 直接的cta和按钮,不需要太多的挤压或缩放,以方便点击. 在理想的情况下, 你的产品或品牌信息和CTA都出现在同一即时视图中——如果内容必须在折叠下方, make sure it’s easily to access and navigate.

Another must-have? A short, easy to complete form, if yours is a lead gen or ecommerce page. 如果在小屏幕上浏览页面太困难,可以考虑下拉菜单, 多链接或难以点击的按钮——消费者会放弃你的登陆页面……这意味着你把大量的投资回报留在了桌面上.

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