Anatomy Of A Google 搜索

The Anatomy Of A Google 搜索 Result

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Anatomy Of A Google 搜索 Result

What’s in a Google search result? 很多. Every time a user types anything in that ubiquitous search bar Google is serving up results in three categories:


These paid search ads or sponsored links appear in the right hand rail under “Ads” as well as in the top one, two or three spaces above the organic search results — also below the word “Ad.” These paid ads are purchased through Google AdWords on a pay-per-click (PPC) model — in other words, the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their paid search ad.

Paid search ads are designed to mimic organic search results, helping them seamlessly integrate onto the page and triggering greater engagement and response. They look like search results and, in a lot of ways, they are search results. Advertisers have paid for their ads to appear when keywords or phrases are searched by their target audiences. This helps ensure more targeted traffic and delivering better experiences for both the brands and the consumers.

Google Places/Maps

A relatively new feature, Google Places and Maps shows searchers relevant local locations on an interactive Google Map. For example, search for “bakery” and you’ll see a small map on the right hand side of the search results page, highlighting bakeries in your immediate vicinity. Click on the map to expand, get directions and view the results in more detail.

This local content ties directly to Google’s Local listings, which help consumers quickly and easily find area businesses and brands that could be relevant to their search. Depending on the category local listings could include a variety of information including a business’ name, 网站网址, ratings/reviews, address/phone number and icons syncing up to the Google Map featured.

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Organic Google 搜索 Results

With more than 93% of internet traffic coming from search engines like Google it’s essential that brands perfect their search engine optimization and marketing best practices. Successful SEO and SEM elevates brands search presence driving more relevant users to sites and pages every second of every day.

Organic search results are Google’s unbiased, algorithm-based responses to your search queries. You enter a term and Google delivers what it believes to be the most relevant websites based on your entry. It takes just a fraction of second to deliver organic search results — and, 可能, Google will deliver dozens, hundreds or even thousands of results with every search.

Each organic google search listing includes a URL — the website’s address — as well as a page title with primary keywords input by the brand during development. 搜索ers will also see a short snippet of information about the site/page content, helping consumers quickly determine if the description aligns with what they’re looking for.

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